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'GoldenEye 007' Is Being Remade in the 'Doom' Engine, and It Looks Great

A resourceful modder is recreating the Nintendo 64 game with Doom's engine, exploding chairs and all.

It's a good time to be a fan of Doom, the 1993 demon-slaughtering first-person shooter that helped popularize the genre. The open beta for the upcoming reboot's multiplayer component is currently in full swing, but modders like demo_the_doomer are still doing amazing things with the original, such as updating a modification that recreated 1997's similarly influential game Goldeneye 007 with Doom's earlier engine. The original goldeneye007tc mod has been popular for years, but Demo's extensive work here with the GZDoom source file means it looks a hell of a lot more like GoldenEye looked on the Nintendo 64.

It's currently a work in progress, but Mr. Doomer published a YouTube video showing how he'd recreated GoldenEye's opening dam stage using GZDoom. He says he's only about 75 percent done with that level, but even then it's fun to marvel at the way he worked in nighttime play, structures with 3D floors, and, of course, GoldenEye's famous exploding chairs.

And more is still to come. Demo's page at ModDB claims the finished project will have goodies like "comic book style cutscenes" and "more Bond one-liners," as well as scripted events. Considering that he already has a demo available despite saying in his original post that it wouldn't be ready until the end of the month, it's possible we'll see it sooner than later.

As impressive as it is, Demo's mod is but one among a number of cool Doom mods we've seen lately. Some of the better ones cast players in the role of Duke Nukem as he kicks hellspawn ass in Doom II, or heighten the violence of the original by working in blood-splattered walls and severed demon limbs.