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A Year of Lil Wayne: LeBron James Reunited the Hot Boys for All-Star Weekend

It's not just the NBA all stars who are in New Orleans this weekend.

Day 152: "Still Fly" (Lil Wayne Live Remix) – Big Tymers, Hood Rich, 2002 / "Go DJ" (2017 Live Version) – Tha Carter, 2004

In case you hadn't heard, it's currently NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans, which combines three of Lil Wayne's favorite things: professional sports, celebrity-filled parties, and his home city, land of the Hot Boys. Last night, at a party hosted by LeBron James, the world saw the closest thing it might find to a Hot Boys reunion in 2017: Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and Turk all united onstage to do a set of Cash Money classics. According to TMZ, the party also overshadowed a rival party of Birdman's at the same time, and celebrity guests included 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, 21 Savage, and DJ Khaled, who you can see uncharacteristically not being the center of attention. Future also reportedly showed up but was turned away because he was with 30 people (LOL).


Anyway, in addition to the indignity of having Wayne outdo his party, Birdman also got replaced by Wayne in a performance of the Big Tymers' hit "Still Fly." Witness the eternally fly Mannie Fresh and Wayne performing it together below, via Complex:

Wayne also did "Go DJ" and "The Motto," among other songs, and you can also see Juvenile do "Set It Off":

One of the coolest aspects of the whole thing, though, was hearing Lebron James express his admiration of and enthusiasm for the Hot Boys. He even shouts out "Free BG" at Turk's behest. He says, "I don't if these people fully appreciate what's going on tonight. We've got motherfuckin' Hot Boys in this motherfucka right now, man. I gotta make sure, because this is my party, I've got to make sure that people fully understand what's going on tonight. We've got Tunechi, Juvie, Mannie, Turk, in here tonight. I grew up on these boys right here." He also adds that it might not happen again, so we should enjoy it. Watch that video below and take those words to heart. It's an All-Star weekend indeed!

Photo: Screengrab via Instagram

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