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Take Yourself for a Pleasure Cruise with This Summery Stunner from Newcomer Speed Boat

One half of Bicep-approved duo Sandboards turns in a top tier EP on new London-based imprint The Nail Shop—listen to an exclusive track right now.

Let's be honest, New Zealand's university town of Dunedin isn't exactly known to be a mecca of house music. Nestled on the southeastern coast of the South Island, it has been previously recognised for its steady stream of '80s indie rock known as the Dunedin Sound, which spawned a range of deliciously named bands like The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, and Straitjacket Fits.

It's not Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, or even Manchester…but fast forward to generation internet, and you'll find the unassuming leaders of the Dunedin's emerging house sound, Sandboards. Zoom in a little closer, and you'll find Eden Burns, who has recently mutated to create a highly infectious strain of drop-top Chevrolet soundtracking house music under his Speed Boat guise.

Now working alone doesn't come easy for some, but Speed Boat handles solidarity like a pro, bumping up the thermostat another notch before swooping in unawares to lay down some full-frontal summer sensations on his debut for flawlessly preened London imprint, The Nail Shop. A tasty four track offering, the EP carries us the listener warmly into sun-doused territories but has a cool guy edge, a little like the flow of orange Capri Sun before it hits Kerri Chandler's palette, and yeah, we think he'd find it lip-smackingly good too.

As always, stand out tracks are difficult to select, but with synths hotter than a supermodel sweltering on a beach with some sort of '80s Ibiza filter overlaid, "Speed Tool 002" has to be the jewel in the EP's crown (…or beach visor, maybe). Think crispy onions on a hot dog, Mr Whippy ice cream, or a flawlessly glossy coat of matte mint varnish. Absolute euphoria.

Now, who's for a manicure?

The Speed Tools EP drops on the Nail Shop next month. Pre-order it here.