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Listen to Natasha Kmeto's Latest Effort for Dropping Gems, 'Last Drop'

This woman deserves to be massive.

Portland, Oregon, eh? Pre-tty annoying. Home of the horn-rimmed glasses and beard combo, and last bastion of all things self-conscious and crap about American indie rock (stand up, The Shins). If cities were people, Portland would be Zooey Deschanel. Proof once more of the whole "diamond in the rough" thing, however, the locale also boasts a sick producer in the shape of Natasha Kmeto, whose growing catalogue of electro and R&B compositions deserves your immediate attention.


To get you started, here's Kmeto's newest creation, soon to be released on Dropping Gems' forthcoming Gem Drops Four compilation. Not only is 'Last Drop' an extremely effective dancefloor track, it's also incredibly pretty. As you'll see, Kmeto lays texture like Michelangelo painted frescos. Oh, and did we mention it's the producer's own, pretty great voice you hear, too? Why go out for ice cream, when the mint chocolate chip is already on the table?

We highly recommend you check out her previous two full length releases for Dropping Gems, 2012's The Ache and 2013's excellent Crisis, to dive head first into her sound.

You can listen to 'Last Drop' below.

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