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Demdike Stare Just Dropped the Fifth Instalment of their Testpressing Series

The Modern Love duo continue their assault in style.

The ever unpredictable Demdike Stare, a collaboration between Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty, has been churning out some seriously strange and compelling industrial music of late, as part of their ongoing Testpressing series which began last March.

Between 'Whittaker's' punishing tunnel vision (see especially his work as Millie in Millie & Andrea) and Sean Canty's history with the Finders Keepers crew, the duo bring to the Demdike table heavy bodies of work, though without feeling like a dead weight. When their powers combine, the result is pretty brutalist. Industrial bends of jungle, hardcore and techno are shredded together, stamped into layers of distortion and pumped out with such heady relish that you'll probably have to lie down in the club to take it all in - which is exactly what THUMP did, at their recent St. Johns Session with Shackleton and Laurel Halo.


On record, the effect is just as all-consuming. 7 months after the last Testpressing, the 5th instalment in the series demonstrates that not only is the 12" format suits this sound perfectly - an album of this might make us melt, to be honest - but also that they're still very able to surprise us. Though still balanced on that corrosive edge between jungle and techno,Testpressing#5 brings in introduces grime intioin such a way that our interest in the duo is still piqued.

You can listen to the tracks below, and buy them via Modern Love.

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