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Refugee reappraisal, Korean impeachment, global warming nuttiness, and much more.

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Probably Not Xenophobia
Tens of thousands of refugees who apply to live permanently in Britain will be required to undergo an official review to see if it is safe for them to be sent back home, under new Home Office instructions. The new policy was slipped out quietly on Thursday and it is believed to take immediate effect. – Guardian

Manifesto Destino
Theresa May has said the National Insurance increase for self-employed workers will make the system fair. Some conservatives are upset at the change in the budget, which broke a manifesto pledge. – BBC


Clever Economic Management
Theresa May must refuse to pay the Brexit "divorce bill", according to Boris Johnson. The Foreign Secretary has said the PM should refuse to pay the EU the estimated £52 billion it owes in legally binding liabilities. – Independent

Adoption in the Time of Facebook
A senior judge says adoption laws need to be reconsidered in the age of social media. Too many children are being forcibly adopted against the wishes of their families and prevented from having any contact with their natural parents, says Lord Justice McFarlane, which may no longer be practical in this age. – Guardian


Park Life
South Korea's Constitutional Court has ruled that the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye will go ahead. Park was impeached by parliament in December, and was stripped of her Presidential powers. Park was the first female president of the country, and an icon of the conservative establishment. – New York Times

These Fucking People
The White House is privately lining up behind conservative calls to roll back Obama's Medicaid expansion sooner than the current health care reform bill currently calls for. The move could backfire, making it even harder to repeal the Affordable Care Act. – CNN

Push on Raqqa
The US-backed Syrian pushback on ISIS continues, with forces saying they are closing in on Raqqa, and will reach the city's outskirts within weeks. The Syrian Democratic Forces, a militia that includes the Kurdish YPG, has been working with the US-led coalition to encircle the ISIS-held city. – Reuters


The High Cost of Aid
The famine-hit South Sudan has hiked fees for work permits, increasing foreign aid worker fees 100-fold to $10,000. Despite the ongoing famine in the civil war-ravaged country, the increase is thought to be designed to reduce the number of humanitarian workers. – Al Jazeera


After the Escape
In 2014, Nadia Murad's village in northern Iraq was attacked by ISIS. The terror group proceeded to carry out a genocide of her people, who have long been persecuted for their non-Islamic faith. Nadia and thousands of other women and girls were abducted and enslaved, enduring extreme physical and sexual violence. Nadia managed to escape, and is now a human rights activist. She shares her incredible story with Gloria Steinem. – Broadly

Next Time You Feel Unqualified For Your Job
Scott Pruitt, the newly-appointed head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, has said that he does not believe carbon dioxide to be the main cause of global warming. Someone who actually knows what they're talking about explains why this Pruitt is full of shit. – Bad Astronomy

Taking Out Insurance Claims
US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been roundly mocked over the past 24 hours for demonstrating he has no idea how health insurance works. A 29-year-old cancer patient patiently explains why no one should have to choose between being bankrupt and being dead. – Motherboard

Winter Just Came
Chisel the date "July 16" into your diaries, because Game of Thrones is coming back. The seventh season of the groundbreaking fantasy series is beginning its promotional campaign, with HBO giving us a release date, a poster, and now a teaser trailer. –  Consequence of Sound