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Board An Interstellar Soviet Spaceship In This Retro Stop-Motion Music Video

French electro-folk outfit Ödland's latest video is a throwback animation epic that would make Michel Gondry proud.
September 4, 2014, 1:30pm

The interstellar stop-motion video for "Après Avoir Décroché Les Étoiles" (After Earning The Stars) byFrench outfit Ödland beautifully matches the track's theremin-enhanced cosmic vibes. Directed by the group's synth player, Lorenzo Papace, the four-minute short integrates a highly stylized live action sequence, where the band encounters a large, Soviet-looking spaceship before embarking on a space voyage filled with paper cut-outs and in-camera effects that would even make Michel Gondry proud.

According to a Reddit post, the video was created while the group toured through the former USSR. Though we don't to assume the visit inspired Papace to think about fantastical escapes, the possible commentary isn't exactly subtle. Regardless, the throwback stylings throughout the whole video—from the music, to the costumes, to the stop-motion techniques—congeal into one epic, retro journey that we're ready to get on board with.

Blast off to Papace's Vimeo channel for more of his unique stop-motion style, and visit his website for news about his work and Ödland's activities.

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