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Could a Smiley Face Be the Cure for Road Rage?

The MotorMood is crowdfunding to make the road a happier place for everyone.
July 2, 2015, 4:45pm
Images courtesy MotorMood

Controlling your road rage is about to get a lot more adorable. By attaching the MotorMood to the back of your car, you can put some good karma back onto the road after that friendly stranger lets you merge in front of them. This Kickstarter campaign from the Southern California-based startup is currently crowdfunding to produce the gadget, which comes in three colors and lights up in response to a remote control that clips onto your dash.

As we've seen in countless studies, road rage can be a real killer. In fact, APA found that over a five year period, road rage was the cause of death in 218 road-related accidents, and contributed to 12,610 injuries. It’s easy to imagine how the MotorMood could make gridlock a lot more pleasant, and also to imagine how satisfying it might be to cheekily flash it when you cut someone off. Check out the good-vibes gizmo below.

Donate to MotorMood's Kickstarter campaign here.


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