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For Russian Skaters, a Stadium Roof Is a Skatepark

These urban explorers make skate parks wherever they can.
Images courtesy the artist

The Russian urban explorers from On The Roofs found a sweet spot for local longboarders after scaling Moscow's massive Olympic Stadium. Having climbed some of the highest skyscrapers in Hong Kong, Shenzen, and New York City, Vitaliy Raskolov (pictured on the longboard below) and his posse are no strangers to death-defying situations, and these stunning images by photographer Pavel Volkov capture both the adventure and the distinguished architecture of the three decade-old structure in stark black-and-white. For a mellow ride with a great view and an edge of danger, Moscow's Olympic Stadium is a rooftop worth visiting.


See more of On The Roofs on their webiste and check out Pavel Volkov's VK page for more of his work.


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