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[Exclusive Preview] 40 Artists Create 'GIFs to Have Sex By'

Faith Holland and friends make GIF art sexy.
Adriana Minoliti, All GIFs courtesy of Faith Holland

Faith Holland takes over Brooklyn-based Transfer Gallery through the end of this month, with an unexpected extension of her Technophilia exhibition—a compilation of GIFs, each by a different artist, entitled, GIFs to Have Sex By—appearing as a one-night-only screening and performance July 11.

Soliciting pieces from more than 40 prolific media artists, Holland brings a participative and social aspect to the show, one that reflects on open and networked internet-era creative practices. She asked the artists to not specifically go for sexual explicit content, but instead encouraged a creative freedom and flexibility that ended-up subtly depicting the main theme.


“The prompt was very open, so I didn't really know what to expect,” Holland tells The Creators Project. ”I knew there would be some sexually thematic work, which of course I love, but I was excited to see how far people would go and I was not disappointed.”

The artists offer tasteful content that is at once varied and very close to their own signature aesthetics. Oscillating between figurative and abstract, organic and synthetic, this series of GIFs will plunge the viewers at the core of a subtle and playful adult content-powered looped madness.

“There's a variety of body parts, hardware, software, plants, animals, and minerals. It's an eclectic mix, but I plan to give it a test run to make sure it's ready for both the bedroom and the gallery,” she says.

Pass by Transfer Gallery through July 25 to enjoy the eyegasm that is TECHNOPHILIA, and on July 11 stick around for a one-night-only screening and premiere of GIFs to Have Sex By. Following its premiere, the GIFs will be viewable online at digital sweat gallery.

, now extended to, and visit the site on  In the meantime, Holland was kind enough to offer us exclusive examples:

GIFs to Have Sex By's full lineup includes: Morehshin Allahyari, Alma Alloro, Anthony Antonellis, Andrew Benson, Gaby Cepeda, Oliver David, Mark Dorf, Adam Ferriss, Dafna Ganani, Carla Gannis, Carrie Gates, Erin Gee, Emilie Gervais, Jeremy Haik, Claudia Hart, Tycho Horan, Georges Jacotey, Daniel Johnson, Nicole Killian, Michelle Leftheris, Rollin Leonard, Rea McNamara, Michael Mallis, Rosa Menkman, A Bill Miller, Lorna Mills, Adriana Minoliti, Paula Nacif, Eva Papamargariti, Christian Petersen, Antonio Roberts, Sam Rolfes, Rafia Santana, Talia Shulze, Yoshi Sodeoka, Miyö Van Stenis, Tristan Stevens, Katie Torn, V5MT, Angela Washko, and Giselle Zatonyl.

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