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Custom GIF Bike Wheels Are Lit

Using hundreds of customizable LEDs, a device called Balight illuminates your spokes in a much more exciting way.
Images and GIFs via Balight

As a kid you might remember putting those plastic beads on your bike wheel spokes as a form of decoration, which meant when you were racing downhill or along the street, they blurred into a—what you considered then, anyway—awesome pattern. Well, they've been given a 21st century update in the form of a product called Balight.

Balight is a cross-shaped device featuring four panels with a total 376 LEDs that connects to the spokes on your wheel, displaying 16 million colors. You can use it to show preloaded graphics, make your own using their app or—and this is probably the best thing about it—through the app, you can customize it to show pictures and GIFs you've got on your phone.


The device is waterproof and shockproof, so you can still try your attempts at freestyling on the commute to and from work, and it can be charged via USB lasting up to ten hours. Along with the wheel display, it also has a social media app, data tracker, and a safety alarm. The team behind the project are looking for funding on Indiegogo, should you desire one because a standard bike light just isn't cutting it.

Check out Balight on Indiegogo.


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