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Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie Stars in an Experimental Fashion Film

Brienne of Tarth stars in Saint-Louis' organic sci-fi fashion film, 'The Dress.'
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A generative network of nodes starts to grow exponentially, ultimately flowering into an ashcolored bushel of weightless tentacles. The Dress, an abstract fashion film made by Saint-Louis, a team of French post production experts and visual effects specialists, opens up on a dark cavernous planet—a barren desert with mountain ranges that look like piles of grounded up charcoal. Actress Gwendoline Christie, who you know may know better as Brienne of Tarth, stars as the films protagonist, becoming increasingly consumed by the organic materials around her.


As the camera slowly pans out, we start to slowly see the outline of a body, lying on the floor in a fetal position. The pale skin of Christie gradually starts to show itself as our protagonist slowly emerges from her cocoon. As she starts to stand, Christie’s skin starts to merge with the material on the ground— deep roots hang on to her body as if she were a weed getting pulled from the ground.

The video makes several aggressive cuts as the roots morph into a stylish dress. As she struggles, the material continues to consume her and Christie loses her human form and is converted into a sleek black bird winged sculpture. Watch the video for yourself below:

The Dress from St Louis on Vimeo.

For more work by the Saint-Louis production team, head over to their website.


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