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Make Your Own 3D-Printed Zoetropes with This DIY Kit

VFX artist Alexandrovich Friderici puts a modern twist on the original animation technique.
March 26, 2015, 3:45pm
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Mesmerizing zoetropes are whirling their way to a 3D printer near you, thanks to this new DIY kit designed by VFX artist and Eyeland Arts founder, Alexandrovich Friderici. “I wanted everyone to enjoy (animation) with their own eyes without any special equipment or (without it being) too expensive to print,” he says.

Calling on professional experience he gained designing VFX for movies like Pan's Labyrinth and Sin City, Friderici built two of the spinning animated sculptures in a 3D modeling program called Luxology MODO, and then released them for free online. The DIY setup includes models of a beaked Venetian plague doctor, a Piranha Plant from Mario, and what looks like either a simple record player modification to set the zoetropes in motion. A simple smartphone strobing app completes the illusion, which you can see in all its glory in the GIFs below.


Check out Alexandrovich Friderici's VFX work on the Eyeland Arts website, and see all of his 3D printable models on Shapeways.

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