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How to Make the One-Size-Fits-All Jacket from Back to the Future

The future is now—if you make it.
Images: Instructables

Since Back to the Future Part II is basically Scripture when it comes to pop culture dogma, today is a very special day for the internet—it's the day young Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the year 2015. Many fans are enamored with the vision of flying cars, hoverboards, and holograms—each of which have popped into the real world in their own way, but the budding fashionistas in all of us fell in love with the self-tying Nikes and the self-fitting jacket. Nike has alluded to development of the futuristic kicks over the last year, so where's our kinetic coat? If you ask Instructables user Lara Grant, you should just make it yourself.


Grant, a.k.a. push_reset, hooked up some motor and wire to the collapsable sleeves of a super McFly red letterman jacket she found. "My love for dynamic wearables and the movie Back the Future Part II sparked the desire to make Marty McFly's auto-adjusting jacket a reality," she writes. Sure, the 3D-printed pulley mechanism isn't sticking off the back in the movie, but Grant says, "adding a cover to the mechanism would add unnecessary bulk, plus the gears look very cool on their own." As with the hoverboard that only floats on magnets, the eternally "coming soon" flying car, and holograms that aren't really holograms, the future is now—kind of.

That said, the design is certainly sick, and you can make it yourself with just a found jacket, some polyester, and a few mechanical parts. Check out the full process and materials on Grant's Instructables page, and watch the jacket in action below.

See more of Lara Grant's work on Instructables.


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