Introducing 'Deep Web Dive,' an Underwater Documentary with Trevor Paglen

Off the coast of Florida, the artist dives to reveal the truth about the internet.
March 11, 2016, 9:15pm
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Artist Trevor Paglen has held the internet in his hands. Millions of memes and Facebook rants have sped through his fingertips at the speed of light. We dove deep into the ocean off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with Paglen to visit the cables connecting the USA to the web. Obsessed with finding the physical incarnations of the surveillance state, Paglen points out that these cables are also the closest we can get to seeing and feeling the National Security Administration (NSA) tapping our phones and reading our emails. Part-performance, part-science discovery expedition, Paglen’s deepwater dive explores how tangible and present our cables of communication actually are. As an artist, Paglen is concerned with watching our biggest watchers and has made a name for himself by creating works of art that document the government’s surveillance of our daily lives. He says, “With a lot of these kinds of projects, there’s always a sense of discovery. That’s exciting. To find something that no one has ever seen before.”

Watch the trailer for The Creators Project's Deep Web Dive below, and download Go90 to see the whole documentary.

To learn more about the artist, click here.


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