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American Presidents, and the People Who Get Tattoos of Them | Monday Insta Illustrator

Who would get a tattoo of Ulysses S. Grant? Ask these people.

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While voting statistics seem to indicate that apathy reigns in modern American politics, the same cannot be said of American politics in the past, at least where the faces of famous presidents are concerned. For a special President's Day edition of Monday Insta Illustrator, we present the people who have chosen to make their bodies the canvases for the lofty ideals and legendary personalities of our nation's leaders.


These people have chosen to align their very physical beings with the historical emblems of liberalism, conservatism, wars, treaties, and all the other foibles that come with positions of power. Enjoy the artistry of pure and unadulterated belief in the system and all that it stands for: it's beautiful, in a way.

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I want a Ronald Reagan tattoo

— Highly Honorable (@Spike_Dudley187) May 21, 2015

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There are also those that commit to presidential hopefuls, at least half of whom will be carrying the visage of a future Barry Goldwater on their skin for the rest of their lives.

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@HillaryClinton .. Thank you for this week. I feel like we took things to another level. This tattoo is to honor you

— AJ Senerchia (@HavexHeart_AJ) May 7, 2014

…And then, there's this guy.

My #mancrush @cutsandstabs #donaldtrumptattoo

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