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Follow a Stormchaser Through Thunderstorms and the Aurora Borealis

Jeff Boyce traveled nearly 20,000 miles to give you a reel of nature's terror and beauty.
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Storm chasing photographer Jeff Boyce traveled nearly 20,000 miles to film Edge of Stability, a highlight reel of some of the Midwest’s most intense spring weather. Boyce drove through 15 US states, filming some truly strange and eye-catching images of nature using his two Canon 6D's. The timelapse features lightning storms and tornados, juxtaposed with sunsets, starry nights, and shots of the Aurora Borealis. We see clouds whipping around the sky like the inflatable air dancers you see in front of car dealerships and glimpses of sunrise peeking from behind a mountain range. Volatile weather patterns are synced up with a suitably vivacious dubstep, amping up your viewing experience to 11.


For more from Jeff Boyce, check out his website.


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