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Dive Into An Active Volcano With This Extreme POV Documentary

This volcano exploration video is so hot we're sweating just watching it through our computer screens.
September 5, 2014, 6:51pm

Fiery liquid earth, toxic fumes, and steep, rocky walls—volcanoes are about as dangerous as nature gets. Filmmaker Sam Cossman couldn't care less, it seems, since he brought an entire film setup right up next to the burning lake of lava at the center of Marum Volcano, an active hot spot on Ambrym Island. Decked out in a full body heat-proof proximity suite in the Oceanic country of Vanuatu, Cossman captured towering geysers of molten rock from a vantage point no normal human could withstand for more than six seconds.

Diving Into an Active Volcano documents the journey down into the sizzling pit, as well as the rare lava footage—impossible to capture without top-of-the-line heat-proof equipment—Cossman ventured there for. His beautiful compositions, tight editing, and energizing score bring this latest addition to volcano videography one step further than previous documentation of the Marum Volcano captured by Explorer Geoff Mackley. Plus, you get to see one member of Cossman's party actually pick up a piece of smoldering lava. Talk about heat-seeking.


In Iceland, another giant volcano called Bardarbunga has been erupting since Sunday with such force that it's visible from space—we'd love to see what a posse of camera-wielding daredevils could capture in there.

Visit Cossman's Vimeo page here to see more of his red-hot videography. h/t r/videos


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