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Is This the Most Expensive Photograph in the World?

6.5 million dollars is a lot of money.
"Phantom" by Peter Lik

Peter Lik once claimed to sell the most expensive photo in the world, saying that his "Phantom" print sold for $6.5 million. The image, which captures Arizona's Antelope Canyon, sold to a private collector according to a press release from LIK USA™.

"Certain textures and contours found in nature lend themselves beautifully to black and white photography. The intensity of contrasting light and dark spaces was surprising, but made for some of the most powerful images I've ever created," says Lik. The Australian photographer, who is based in the US, is known for his expansive, panoramic landscapes.


The record-breaking sale also included two additional works by Lik, "Illusion" which sold for $2.4 million and "Eternal Moods" for $1.1 million, totaling up to a staggering $10 million. Having previously sold a work titled "One" for $1 million, Lik now accounts for four of the 20 most expensive photographs ever sold.

The New York Times and Artnet News called this sale into question.

Explore more of Peter Lik’s work in his online gallery.


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