Watch Two Brand New Future Videos, Marvel At His Tireless Work Ethic

He shared visuals for “Drippin’” and “That’s a Check” featuring Rick Ross last night.
Lauren O'Neill
London, United Kingdom
December 30, 2016, 10:38am

This weird hinterland between Christmas and New Year doesn't tend to be a productive time for anyone. Between lying prone on the sofa in front of another bloody Harry Potter film and robotically, indiscriminately shoving leftovers into our open mouths, none of us are really up to much are we?

So thank goodness we have Future, a man whose work ethic remains at 100 percent every day of the year, to inspire us to be better. Having already dropped the 90s-inspired "Buy Love" video on Wednesday, yesterday he released two more brand new visuals for our viewing pleasure.

The first, for the Purple Reign track "Drippin (How U Luv That)", is kind of a 2016 'best bits' montage, with footage of Future performing and hanging out with all his famous pals (Drake, Metro Boomin, and DJ Khaled show up) throughout the year. The clip for the Rick Ross-featuring "That's a Check"—a four minute brag-fest up there with the best of them—is a slightly more straightforward affair, depicting Future and Rozay popping champagne and stunting next to a pool in an enormous mansion, like something out of the How To Make A Rap Video Handbook.

Watch the videos for "Drippin'" and "That's a Check" below:

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(Image via YouTube)