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A Noble Soul Is Trying to Keep 3 Doors Down Out of Canada

Because of the band's upcoming gig... at the Trump inauguration gala.
January 18, 2017, 4:16pm

3 Doors Down, famed for timeless rock standards such as "Kryptonite" and "She Hates Me," became the highest-profile act to play Donald Trump's inauguration gala, earning them the confusion and ire of all. Canada, the place that Donald Trump is currently not about to be president of (although his clones will try), is not taking this lying down. This is unusual because Canadians wouldn't normally budge unless there's a risk of lane reduction on major freeways. This why one person's quest to boycott 3 Doors Down in this country is so special.


The effort is centred around a self-explanatory Facebook event and that's really all we know. It currently only has 72 people "going" to what we can only presume is a mass demonstration of anti-3 Doors Down support to coincide with each date on the band's planned Canadian tour. That being said, every movement starts small, then grows into a force for change, so let's see how this story unfolds. Truthfully, this entire event might also be happening because there's not enough room in Canada for two butt-rock bands with "Three" in their names.

Phil is okay with Finger Eleven, though. He's on Twitter.