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Adam Silver Talks to Hologram James Naismith

But it might not be the spookiest vision Silver has for the NBA.

All Star Weekend is bound to be jam packed with all kinds of whacky stunts. And so far they've started out on the right foot by exhibiting a mo-fucken hologram of basketball's grand daddy, James Naismith.

The Canadian-American physician, coach, physical educator, chaplain and inventor was born in Ontario, educated in Montreal, and later moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he would invent a little thing he called "Basket ball" at a local YMCA. In a presentation about the future of the game, during a Tech Summit for the league's first All Star visit to Canada, NBA commissioner Adam Silver decided to revive Naismith from the dead and talk to him to show people just how balled out the NBA can get.

Adam Silver just had a conversation, on stage at the Tech Summit, with a convincing, talking, full-sized hologram of James Naismith.
— Henry Abbott (@TrueHoop) February 12, 2016

Silver later went on to take on a forward-looking view on how technology might influence the future of the league.

Future technology like virtual reality, Adam Silver says, will let fans high five a player, and "drive home with him after the game."
— Henry Abbott (@TrueHoop) February 12, 2016

Hard to tell which decision was spookier—Zombie Naismith, or following a sweaty basketball player home in their car when they're likely exhausted—but it's promising to know that Silver has plans for how big the league can get. As for his other plans, Silver said that he doesn't want to bring any more NBA teams to Canada for the time being. Zombie Naismith might not like that very much.