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Frank Kaminsky's JCPenney Suit

Frank the Tank wore a suit with tanks on it.
Screenshot via YouTube

Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky––former Wisconsin Badger, now Charlotte Hornet, and forever a friend of tanks––showed up for the NBA Draft last night with two tanks sewn into the inside of his suit. He also wore socks with his own face on them.

Kaminsky's Stafford brand suit was provided by his sponsor, JCPenney, and does not normally come with tanks. Also NBA first round draft picks don't normally wear JCPenney suits to the NBA Draft. But Frank the Tank is nothing if not a man of the people.

For Kaminsky, the absence of the two No Limit-style tanks would have been "a dealbreaker." Quoted by USA Today, Kaminsky added, "I wanted to do something on the inside, I was doing a suit fitting a long time ago and they were showing me things you could do on the inside and I wanted tanks on mine."

If only he had known he was going to get drafted by Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets; the good folks at JCPenney might have shown him this possibility…