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Marquette Student Pays Up After Yelling at Providence's Kris Dunn "I Will Literally Pay You $10 If You Miss This Shot"

This Marquette student sent Providence $10 bucks because he said he would.
February 12, 2016, 7:03pm

Dear @PCAthletics , The check is in the mail. #providenceCollegeAthletics
— Jamey Schilling (@captainJAMErYca) February 11, 2016

"Literally": it will always come back to bite you in the ass. A Marquette student has made good on a promise he shouted out while attempting to distract Providence guard Kris Dunn during a game on Wednesday. As Dunn approached the foul line late in the game, Jamey Schilling screamed, "I will literally pay you $10 if you miss this shot." Dunn missed the shot, and now Schilling is out ten bucks.


Schilling is a writer for the Marquette Wire, the student newspaper, so he knows a thing or two about college sports and the NCAA. Specifically, he knows athletes are not supposed to be paid, since that would be an impermissible benefit. So rather than send Dunn the $10 directly, he made the check out to Providence Athletics. It might be of little consolation to the Friars considering they lost the game, 96-91, in double overtime, but you can't say Schilling's not a man of his word.

After news spread, Marquette sent Schilling a letter of their own.

Dear @captainJAMErYca, Check your mail.
— Marquette University (@MarquetteU) February 12, 2016

@captainJAMErYca For being a man of your word. #mubb #wearemarquette
— MarquetteSpiritShop (@MUSpiritShop) February 12, 2016

Good thing he's not an athlete.