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Baylor Grad: Art Briles and Assistant Knew Devin Chafin Assaulted Her

A Baylor graduate has come forward with information claiming that Art Briles and other coaches knew about a football player assaulting her and did nothing.

Joe Schad, who earlier sat down with ousted Baylor University president and chancellor Ken Starr, reports that a Baylor graduate named Dolores Lozano said that she was assaulted by former running back Devin Chafin. According to Lozano, former Baylor head coach Art Briles, who was fired in the wake of the Pepper report, was also aware of the incident, as was running backs coach Jeff Lebby, who is still on the Baylor football staff.


The school announced that they had dismissed Chafin last week after his inclusion in an Outside the Lines report detailing multiple domestic assaults from 2014 and the release of the Pepper Hamilton report.

Here is how OTL reported the accusations against Chafin, back in May:

In the April 2014 case, a woman told Waco police that Bears running back Devin Chafin grabbed her arm and slammed it against a car, in front of teammates and another witness. She provided photos of bruises on her arm to police. She told police that, weeks earlier, Chafin had grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against a wall, then threw her to the floor and kicked her, according to a police report. In the police report, the officer wrote that the woman was uncertain about pressing charges, and no legal action was taken. Chafin played in nine of 13 games the following season, including the season opener.

In March of 2016, Chafin was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and Briles suspended him immediately. He was then dismissed on June 1.

Lozano, who provided Schad with the pictures of the bruising on her arm that she previously gave to Waco police, also says she made Lebby directly aware about Chafin via a text message conversation. Other officials at the school also reportedly knew, including a tumbling coach who asked her about the bruising and a university chaplain.

Here's more from Schad:

Lozano states that after the first incident, she reported what happened to Chafin's mother and Lebby, who is still on Baylor's coaching staff.
Lozano says she exchanged text messages with Lebby about the alleged incident, while trying to decide if she should go to Waco police. She also claims "Chafin's mom urged her "not to report the issue to police."
Lozano says she also brought the matter to LaPrise Williams, Baylor acrobatics and tumbling coach at the time of the alleged incidents.
Lozano says Williams asked her about the bruising. She says Williams reported it to her superior, Nancy Post.
Lozano claims Williams also reported the alleged assault to Baylor Chaplain Wes Yeary and counsellors at Baylor.
Lozano states that Chafin, with whom she had a dating relationship, told her Briles had been made aware of the alleged assaults and had told Chafin to "stay away" from Lozano.
Yet, Lozano says Chafin never even faced a formal student judiciary hearing or faced any serious discipline.

These allegations fall in line with the limited information we know from the Pepper report, namely that Baylor actively engaged in covering up domestic and sexual assaults to protect athletes, and football players specifically. Schad reports that Lozano is preparing to file a Title IX lawsuit against the school.

Update: Joe Schad has made another post on Facebook, this time after speaking with Devin Chafin, who refutes Lozano's story, saying it "has been falsely constructed" and "the girl is not who she claims to be." He also denies that he spoke with coach Art Briles about the matter. You can read his whole account here.