This story is over 5 years old.


Real Salt Lake's Luke Mulholland Jumps into Post He Forgot Was There

Sometimes life throws a bunch of obstacles your way. Sometimes one of those obstacles is a soccer goal post you forgot was there.

This Vine—which shows Real Salt Lake midfielder Luke Mulholland jumping into the goal post last night against Sporting Kansas City—is life. You know the drill: something terrible happens, but you are prepared. You are nervous and scrambling, but you've thought about all the angles, you've practiced and prepared for this moment a hundred times, and you are feeling confident.You are also keenly aware that you cannot use your hands for whatever reason.

You are doing the right thing, though, trying to help as much as you can. Don't worry guys, you tell the people depending on you, I got this.

And then, out of nowhere, an unforeseen obstacle appears and ruins everything. Sometimes we call these things "hurdles" or "obstacles," but "post" will do just fine. Maybe you mess up at work, maybe you just look like an idiot in public on your own time. Whatever the case is in your specific circumstance, this is that moment preserved in perpetuity.