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Travis Kelce Beefs with Marquette King, Does His Horse Dance After Punt Return

Kelce says that the Oakland Raiders punter told him he didn't have any rhythm.

In the middle of the second quarter in Thursday night's Chiefs-Raiders game, Oakland's dancing punter Marquette Kingcame on to flip the field and try to pin the Chiefs back inside their own end. Unfortunately, King was kicking to speedster Tyreek Hill, and kicking poorly at that. Hill scampered 78 yards for a touchdown—moments after catching a 36-yard touchdown from Alex Smith—and gave the Chiefs a 21-3 lead. Travis Kelce, who did not score a touchdown, decided to rub it in and busted a few moves in King's face.


"He told me I didn't have any rhythm." "… Trust me, wait until I get in the end zone, i'll show you some rhythm."
— NFL (@NFL) December 9, 2016

The two exchanged a few words on the field and after the game both discussed what was said. Kelce told NFL Network that King told him he didn't have any rhythm, to which he responded, "Wait until i get in the end zone."*

King remembers it a little differently:

I told him I don't need a reality show to find a girl lol…
— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) December 9, 2016

Frankly, it seems like Kelce is bitter that a punter is getting some shine so he put on a salty little dance. But that just shows Kelce is sweating King more than King sweats him. The Chiefs may have won, but the Dancing Punter is in Kelce's head.

*We are still waiting, Travis.