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Seriously, What is Up with People Remixing that Chainsmokers Song?

Now Wiz Khalifa's at it (and he made it about weed).
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

People really love to remix "Closer" by the Chainsmokers, huh? Country star Leann Rimes is doing it, this emo mix is doing it, heck, even the Chainsmokers themselves are doing it. And now, adding to that illustrious list is Wiz Khalifa, who, never knowingly off-brand, has done a verse about weed and put it on the track:

"Get hi-ii-iigh, can't stop."

This is all very well and good, but at some point, you have to question the ubiquity of this song. What is it about it that binds it just as well to stoner rap as it does to the music of a country singer whose most popular song was released in 1997? Indeed, how have the Chainsmokers finessed their way into the charts when they have nothing to offer by way of charisma or live performance?

The only possible answer is also the worst one: inoffensiveness. "Closer" is a deeply inoffensive song, almost to the degree that this in itself becomes offensive. It is almost genre-less – is it pop, or emo, or dance music? – and therein lies both its insidious nature and The Chainsmokers' genius.

By being nothing and everything all at once, "Closer" lends itself to being remixed by literally everyone regardless of what area of music they're from. For this reason I feel pretty confident that we'll be hearing a new version of this song (which, admittedly, I love, because I am spineless) every week until the earth is eventually, mercifully swallowed by the sun. For now, I guess enjoy Wiz's take on it.

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(Image via Chainsmokers on Instagram)