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Here's a Groovy Techno EP from Former Russian Military Singer Julia Govor

Started from the Russian military now we here.
September 3, 2014, 7:30pm

Not everyone starts out as a singer for a Russian military band and ends up DJing in New York with Jeff Mills. Unless you're Julia Govor, a Russian DJ whose incredible journey—from military band performer to resident DJ at underground Moscow clubs to Visionquest and Get Physical signee—is pretty fucking unparallelled.

For her latest EP, A Regret, Julia teamed up with the London and New York-based producer Rashid Ajami (whose records have been released on Armada and Anjunadeep). The title track falls somewhere between deep house and groovy techno, full of half-whispered vocals, hypnotic melodies, and the occasional stray giggle. (The kind of giggle you definitely don't want to hear while walking down the street at night.) Remixes by Philip Bader, Felipe Valenzuela, and Agraba excavate the title track and rebuild it in almost unrecognizable ways. Don't sleep on this one.

Julia Govor and Rashid Ajami's A Regret EP is out on Highway Records 

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