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Les Sins "Why" Video Premiere: Watch Chaz Bundick Defy All Laws Of Physics and Nate Salman In His Technicolour Dream Shirt

Getting busy in a motion capture body suit and bringing colour to the streets of LA with Les Sins

By this stage Chaz Bundick can write whatever he likes and we'll be first in line to listen. Recording as Toro Y Moi, Chaz has proven to be a master beat maker, abstract hip hop producer, jazz-funk specialist and pop pioneer. He jumps, vaults, and climbs like a parkour champion across the modern musical landscape, and we just sit back and watch for the inevitable perfect landing. Chaz also keeps busy with his Les Sins project, and Michael is the debut LP under that moniker. As expected it's a dance music masterpiece, filled with house, garage, funk and r&b styles. "Why" - featuring Bay Area artist Nate Salman - is the latest single taken from the record,, and THUMP is pleased to bring you the video: a technicolour stroll through the streets of LA. Chaz dons a motion capture body suit and contorts his animated self in the same way his music bends our minds. Don't ask why, just watch above.

Les Sins' debut album Michael is available locally via Mistletone