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Motorik Vibe Council: This Is What Your Friday Night Could Look Like

Photographic proof Motorik Vibe Council know how to party
September 26, 2014, 9:31am

Let's be clear, Motorik Vibe Council are serious about parties. They're serious, so you don't have to be. For three years the crew have been making some of the most memorable mayhem in Sydney, and even if you can't always remember, they've got the images as evidence. Tonight they bring their xtc and nrg to Melbourne, with sets from heavy hitters like KIM of The Presets, wordlife, the Motorik Vibe Council themselves, and others. Less talk, more action: grab your tickets here, and check out a best of Motorik photo gallery below.

Make memories with Motorik Vibe Council tonight, Friday September 26th, at Liberty Social Club.