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Evgeni Malkin's Top 100 Snub Is a Damn Travesty

The omission of Malkin on the NHL's greatest 100 players list calls into question the legitimacy of the panel and the NHL. Thornton, Lundqvist, and Iginla were also passed over for inferior players.

"The 100 Greatest NHL Players" for all its pomp and circumstance is a marketing tool for the league. It's important to extract as much enjoyment as possible from this without getting too angry about the snubs that littered the list revealed in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Everyone on the "Blue Ribbon" panel who curated the list, however, should have to answer for the omission of Evgeni Malkin because there's no excuse for it on any level.

There were a handful of decisions that will leave you shaking your head, but Malkin—who coincidentally withdrew from the All-Star weekend Wednesday when it was announced he had a lower-body injury—failing to make the cut calls into question the legitimacy of the list, the panel and the league itself.

Why even bother if you're ignoring Malkin?

Let's consider all the subjective reasoning that could be used for placing someone on this "esteemed" yet arbitrary list, and how Malkin passes with flying colors in all of them.

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