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Watch Ty Segall's New Where's Waldo-inspired Music Video

The tech and creative process behind “Goodbye Bread” directed by Matt Yoka.

Longtime friends Ty Segall, now an established garage rock musician, and director Matt Yoka met in the dorms of their freshman year at University of San Francisco. Yoka says he’s been wanting to make a music video for his friend ever since he first watched Segall perform as a one-man band, and now he’s finally gotten his chance for Segall’s latest single “Goodbye Bread.”

The video was shot at notorious Brooklyn DIY performance space Death by Audio on the high-end RED digital camera—the camera pioneered by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh—and described as the garage rock interpretation of Kanye West’s magnum opus music video, “Power.”

Director of Photography Seth Hagenstein shot the video in a single shot at 96 frames per second (fps) on a dolly, starting in tight on Segall’s face and panning out to capture the colorful debauchery in which Segall manages to sit so perfectly still and composed.

Yoka says his inspiration, with the help of Bryan Krueger as art director, varied from such disparate influences as the Where’s Waldo series, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, and even a little bit from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting The Last Supper, which is fitting considering the title of the song.

As the video appears to be in slow motion, the highly-technical work came in post-production since the playback runs at 24 fps, or one-fourth the speed the video was shot in, an old trick Yoka says is favored by filmmaker Spike Jonze (see Weezer’s “Undone—the Sweater Song”). The vivid colors are courtesy of Donato Boccia, who assisted with the color correction.

Honestly, the most fun part of this music video is spotting a different detail or vignette every time you watch it. Can you spy with your little eye a San Francisco 49ers T-shirt, a skeleton and a girl with a mustache? Tell us what else you find in the comments below.