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Mimic Is A Series Of Ultra-fast Visual And Sonic Eruptions

Take time out to experience these two minutes of madness.
April 18, 2012, 4:13pm

If you wanted a frenetic, deranged experimental video to watch, which doesn’t need you to focus on a narrative or wonder what it’s trying to convey, then this is it. Called Mimic, the video is directed by Lucio Arese with music by Yu Miyashita and it features scuttling, flying shapes darting about in time with the glitchy noise music.

Like digital creatures whose circuits have blown, the shapes erupt and mutate across the screen while screeches and cackles give a sonic accompaniment that will rupture through your reality. The creator of the video explains it like this:

A hyperdense block of objects driven by music collides, collapses, spreads into random formations and disintegrates at frantic speed. Shot in a cattle market, the film rides the verge between nonsense, random noise, and organic, structured audiovisual events, enhancing the plastic clashes of a digital inserted foreground into an old and rusty environment. Humorous, lunatic, cartoonish, nightmarish, Mimic is an attempt to reach complete unity between music and motion picture in an epoch of violent changes.

In short, it’s totally nuts, and lots of fun.