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Google Glasses Strut Their Stuff On The Catwalk At New York Fashion Week

Normal glasses are, like, so last year.
September 11, 2012, 2:04pm

When Google’s Project Glass was announced back in April, most people were wowed by the concept but a little unsure about walking around looking like an extra from Star Trek. Sure, they certainly would be fun—if a little overwhelming—to use, but as a fashion statement, it was mainly the techies who’d be keen to show them off as eyewear.

This didn’t stop them from making an appearance on Sunday at New York Fashion Week, gracing the catwalk on the faces of supermodels for Diane von Furstenberg‘s show—even color-coded to match the models’ outfits for her S/S 2013 collection.


So is this the moment wearable tech went mainstream? Probably not, because while the glasses were being worn by models at a global fashion mega-event, they were there for practical, rather than aesthetic, reasons: to record behind-the-scenes for a short film DVF through Glass. The images from the show were streamed on von Furstenberg’s Google+ profile, so us normals could glimpse the backstage glam from the world of high-end fashion.

More than a fashion statement though, this was a power marketing play by Google—aligning with the fashion elite like DVF is certainly one way to get the public’s buy-in. I mean, if the fashion world could convince people wearing armadillo-inspired shoes that resemble lobster claws is a good idea, why not Google Glasses?

Images: © DVF

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