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Watching the World Fall Apart with Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi

As Donald Trump ascended, we forced the Cleveland auteur to talk through his demons.
January 27, 2017, 8:22pm

Dylan Baldi, the lead singer and auteur of Cloud Nothings, was happy to meet me in New York City on election night—he said that he wanted to "compare the vibe" of the city to the atmosphere of his hometown of Cleveland on the night of World Series Game 7. And an hour earlier, when news began to filter through the bar that Florida was too close to call, the opportunity to talk about his band's new album seemed like a pragmatic escape. "An interview might be good," he said between sips of beer, sitting upright on his bar stool. "It takes the mind off depressing shit." But an hour into our conversation, Baldi left the table and promised that, upon his return, we'd discuss his band's fifth studio album  Life Without Sound, their first since 2014's  Here and Nowhere Else. "I'm going to use the bathroom. Then I'll be ready to reckon with my demons." While waiting in line, he caught a glimpse of a TV showing that Pennsylvania was leaning towards Trump and now he's pushing his nose-length fringe around his right eyebrow, quietly fretting. "The country could be falling apart right now," he says, "and we're just talking about my demons." Read more on Noisey