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Turn Vinyl Toys Into DIY Speakers [Instructables How-To]

Come on, you know those things are just collecting dust in your room anyway.
November 23, 2010, 6:45pm

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and chances are you’re looking for an excuse to escape your train wreck of a family in the few hours between post-turkey naps. Why not hole up in the basement like the weirdo black sheep that you are and spend the extra time getting crafty with a couple of Munnys? Turns out these adorable collectible vinyl figurines from Kidrobot make excellent raw material for speaker cases. Who knew?

The Munny dolls, Kidrobot’s DIY vinyl toys, invite customization and personalization—they are essentially a three-dimensional blank canvas that comes in a variety of colors (including glow-in-the-dark), with a bunch of random accessories like top hats, lightning bolts, and beards. But it’s their hollow insides and soft vinyl material that makes them one of the most hackable toys out there. Since the holidays are right around the corner, you may want to consider making a pair of speakers as a thoughtful DIY gift for a creative, music lover in your family. Or you could just say screw them all and keep these snazzy speakers for yourself.

-2 Kidrobot Munny dolls
-2 Tang Band 3" Bamboo Cone drivers
-1 sheet of paper
-Permanent marker
-Hair dryer or heat gun
-Xacto knife
-Polyfill stuffing
-Lexel glue (or similar brand)
-String (optional)
-Amp (optional)

Step One: Trace and Place
Trace the diameter of one of your speakers onto a piece of paper. Cut out the circle and place onto Munny’s head, outlining the space with a permanent marker.

Step Two: Heat ’Em Up, Cut ’Em Out
Setting your stencil aside, heat up the the toy with a hair dryer or heat gun until the surface is soft enough to cut with an Xacto knife. Remove the head from its body, and cut out the faces from the Munnys.

Step Three: Get Wired
Thread the speaker wire through the neck and stuff the head with polyfill. Re-attach the head to the body, making sure the speaker wire isn’t trapped inside. (We suggest wiring the cord through the neck or the backside.) Seal the seam with Lexel glue and let dry. Add extra pressure by binding the face to the speakers with a piece of string.

Step Six: Hook it Up
After the glue is dry, hook up the speakers to an amp and run an input from an MP3 player or a computer. Show off your new speakers or wrap and hide away until the holidays.

Visit the Instructables “How To” for further instruction and for tips on where to buy materials. See the KRonikle for examples of total Munny transformation.