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Heat-Activated Color Changing Clothing Is Making A Comeback

Rio de Janeiro-based clothing brand Redley launches heat-sensitive T-shirt line.
January 20, 2012, 8:35pm

Remember those weird, awfully tacky color-changing t-shirts from the 90s? They changed color with the presence of heat, which usually meant that anyone wearing them just looked like they had some really bad pit stain action going on. But that’s not to say that thermochromatic pigment—the active agent responsible for the heat activated color changes—is necessarily a bad thing. No need to get hasty and throw away the baby with the bathwater, folks.

A new T-shirt line from Rio de Janeiro-based clothing company Redley called Under The Influence offers up a much more creative and tasteful use of the technique, such as the Polaroid print pictured above. Between this line and the subtle, sophisticated color-changing prints of other designers like Rainbow Winters, we’re thinking Hypercolor might be making a much-needed comeback.

Check out the Redley designs in action below: