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Mat Zo Is Starting an Online Forum for Aspiring Producers

The outspoken producer hopes to revive a dwindling sector in the music industry.

Photo via Mat Zo's Facebook

In the year 2016, online forums aren't quite what they used to be and are constantly on the verge of extinction due to the convenience various social media platforms and websites like Reddit. But in the early 2000s, these online communities (like Hollerboard for example) played a larger role in the development of producers' styles, as well as fostering emergent genres and scenes throughout the music industry. Now, one of dance music's most outspoken online voices, Mat Zo, is looking to bring back forums' role in the production sphere by launching his own, simply called "The Producers Forum."

Zo—who's known for his melding of trance, electro, and drum and bass, as well as very public online debates over ghost producing, and an instance in which he enlisted his followers to help find his stolen car—says he launched the site to foster communication between amateur producers. It's currently functioning via the URL Check it out, and take a look at what the producer had to say about the forum below.

I don't even care if it eventually falls to shit like every other forum, if I get one amateur producer in touch with another ill be happy

— Jewish Cracker (@Mat_Zo)January 5, 2016