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​MIXED BY T. Williams

From grime to house and back and forth, the UK producer is on one.

T.Williams' transformation from grime producer to house head has been so seamless and successful that most people don't even equate him with grime anymore. But the signs are there, particularly in tracks like the boisterous and impeccable "Back and Forth," that the brash attitude of grime is readily evident.

"It's all good, people only knowing me for recent musical endeavors," Williams tells THUMP. "I really like that there is more to my music career than whats on the surface. Looking back at that phase in my career it always reminds me of how important being original and pushing forward musically is. Grime was all about expressing yourself however you could with what ever sounds you could find."

Williams' deep knowledge of dance got an early start as the London native found himself smack dab in the middle of the rave scene before he was even in his teens. "Being the youngest in the club was a weird but amazing experience," Williams says. "It made me feel super privileged. Getting to view and feel what others could only hear via tape packs. It totally changed the way I viewed the music I was listening to and the music I eventually wanted make/play. I fully turned my attention to music that was going to hit hard in the club and get people on the dancefloor."

Well, T.Williams' debut MIXED BY will definitely get people moving on the dancefloor. It kicks off with some ominous soulful samples swirling you into a sense of discomfort before it paces itself steadily towards madness. By a half hour in, it's a heavy house groove machine. It'll have you asking "ID?" again and again. Unfortunately, there's no tracklist on this one.

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