You Can Now Enjoy Glastonbury's Infamous NYC Downlow From the Comfort of Your Sofa

The best party at the best festival in the world's gone 24/7...kind of.
August 9, 2016, 2:13pm
Photo via NYC Downlow

Ever wanted to extend the Glastonbury long weekend indefinitely? Have you sat at home, dry, not covered in mud, wishing you were both mud-sodden and soaking wet? Do you stand in pubs wishing you were face down on the floor with an acid tab dissolving somewhere deep inside you while a Cast tribute band played faintly in the distance? You have? Wonderful. That's wonderful. Because now, thanks to the generous souls over at Block9, you can relive the Greatest Festival In The World over and over again—all from the comfort of your bed!

They've created an incredible online archive for the NYC Downlow, their recreation of a Manhattan meatpacking district club transported to deepest Somerset. Specializing in "Homocentric disco, funk, house & soul" NYC Downlow's become an essential site of pilgrimage for anyone at the festival with an interest in dance music. Which given the hedonistic nature of Glastonbury is pretty much everyone by the time 3AM on Sunday rolls round.

The brand new site—run by The Downlow Radio, "a charitable limited company"—features a load of mixes from the festival itself as well as various other Block9 parties. Alongside the musical treats you can also treat yourself to some very swanky t-shirts, hoodies, and vests, so you can look really fucking good while you have a good scratch and think about ordering another pizza. The party never has to end. Unless you spend so much time on the site that you run up a massive unpayable electricity bill. But don't worry about that for now. Concentrate on the fact that NYC Downlow is now a 24/7 experience.

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