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Start Your Scheduling: Digital Dreams Announces its 2015 Schedule

The sets that go head-to-head make for a hefty bit of organizing, so let the Digital Dreams app do the work for you.
Photo by Geoff Fitzgerald

The same argument transpires at every music festival—what final set will you choose to end the night with? Well, it's time to start making your case because Digital Dreams has revealed their 2015 festival schedule.

To peek at this year's timeslots, download the Digital Dreams app in the App Store on your phone. The app not only gifts you with this year's schedule but also helps you plan it, allowing you to select and personalize a schedule of your own. It's pretty handy to have on hand while traipsing around the Flats at Ontario Place. On top of the schedule, the app has a virtual map, an up-to-the-minute Digital Dreams news stream, and a conveniently mobile-optimized way to buy tickets and book hotels.


On June 27 and 28 at the Flats at Ontario Place in Toronto, Digital Dreams will celebrate its fourth year as one of Canada's Largest Electronic Music Festivals. With three captivating stages, an unparalleled lineup, and an all around top-of-the-line experience, it's not one to miss.

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The sets that go head-to-head make for a hefty bit of stage hopping, so download your Digital Dreams app now for all the goods in time for next weekend. Second tier tickets are still available and on sale now at Ticketmaster. If you're lucky enough to be a TD Bank customer, you can sign up for their TD Music Access account and receive 25 percent off a two-day general admission pass. Find our more information, here.

You can now view the whole schedule here.

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