This Artist Made a Synthesizer Than Runs on His Own Blood

Dmitriy Morozov's synthesizer-like instrument runs on 7 liters of his own blood.
March 11, 2017, 5:24pm
Screenshot via Vimeo.

This might just be the gnarliest synth ever.

Moscow-based artist Dmitriy Morozov (aka ::vtol::) has created a synthesizer-like instrument that runs on blood. Yes, blood.

According to a report from Billboard, Morozov drained himself of 4.5 liters of blood and diluted his blood with distilled water, glucose, sodium citrate and other substances to power the instrument. The blood is placed in canisters or batteries that mimic "19th-century electrical experiments."

Morozov demonstrated the freaky instrument during its official launch at the Kapelica gallery in Slovenia last December. During the demonstration, Morozov drained 2.5 additional liters of his blood to create the direct current voltage which reportedly ran for eight hours.

According to Billboard, Morozov said that the synthesizer-like instrument is part of his, "desire to create a techno-biological hybrid device ... (that was), in all but name, me, that uses my vitality to create electronic sounds."

This is not the first time Morozov has mixed technology, biology and musical instruments. In 2015, the artist created ambient music using radiation.

Watch video of Morozov's synthesizer-like instrument below.