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Daft Punk Just Earned Their First #1 Song Ever

The duo's collaboration with The Weeknd dethroned Rae Sremmurd.
Photo via Wikipedia Commons

After more than two decades in the music industry, Daft Punk have finally earned their first number one single with the Weeknd's "Starboy." The duo co-produced and co-wrote the track. "Starboy" defeated Rae Sremmurd's viral hit "Black Beatles," which sat at number one for six weeks.

They came close to achieving their first number one more than three years ago with the release of the inescapable "Get Lucky," (which featured Pharrell on vocals), but that track only peaked at number two on the charts.

Watch the video for "Starboy" below. In November, we ranked every Daft Punk song, ever. "Starboy" placed at number 13.