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Download: Gravious - "Rolling Thunder (Octo Octa Remix)"

Future boogie grooves from Glasgow-via-Brooklyn.

Octo Octa went to town on this remix. The Red Bull Music Academy alum and Brooklyn resident took the title track from Gravious's Rolling Thunder EP and brought it to the tailor, slowing its twitchy swing down to a mild-mannered future boogie gait. The result is rather lovely and gives you warm feelings inside, like when that cute girl on the subway smiles at you. If only that ever happened.

Complete with big jazzy synth sparkles and dreamy reverb, the track is a shoe-in for these final days of summer, so grab a cool beverage, maybe a significant other, and hit play. We just won't be held responisble for any unwanted offspring. Gravious' Rolling Thunder EP is out October 1 on Halocyan Records.