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Watch the Video for "Cyclic," Max Cooper's New Single About the Cycles of Nature

The song comes from Cooper's new album, 'Emergence,' out November 25.
November 13, 2016, 5:20pm
Photo courtesy of Max Cooper.

Max Cooper, the computational biology Ph.D turned electronic music producer, has released the video for his new single, "Cyclic," from his upcoming album, Emergence.

According to Cooper, "Cyclic" was a collaboration with Numbercult, a Glaswegian artist creating audiovisual installations, interactive digital sculptures and live performances.

"The natural environment has cycles operating at many levels from cellular protein turnover, to growth phases, sleep and wake cycles in complex organisms following the cycles of the day, monthly and yearly cycles of tides and seasons," Cooper said. "The video captures this idea of nested cycles one within the other, forming a complex developing system. "

Emergence, which serves as a soundtrack to 11 new pieces of video art exploring the concept of emergence, drops November 25 digitally and on CD and vinyl.

Watch the video for "Cyclic" below. In October, Cooper released "Trust," another single from Emergence.