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Tibe’s “Freaky” is a Dance Floor Mangling Machine

Stream the young Montrealer's latest offering.

We all know Montreal's music scene is on a serious trip these days. With long standing stars releasing new music and young guns coming out with some of the most cutting edge tracks, the city has been proving that its long-standing reputation as an electronic music hotbed is no exaggeration. That being said, knowing the reputation doesn't stop the excitement when a new act comes around. In comes Tibe, a young Montreal based producer who is really on to something with his latest offering.


"Freaky" is a dance floor crusher that not only plays with great samples but a beat that transitions and grows as the song progresses. While defining a very distinct sound of his own, one can see the inspiration that the 18 year old producer has found from rising local stars like Kaytranada and Pomo. Expect to hear more from him sooner rather than later as an original EP will be dropping soon. Take a listen to Tibe's "Freaky" and let us know if you hear the promise we do.

You can follow Tibe on: SoundCloud // Facebook // Twitter