Question Will Tear You Apart With Their Hardcore Punk Invective

The Minneapolis/NYC band have finally released their debut album of scorching crust inspired punk.
January 3, 2017, 1:07am

Not many can scream or sing like Question's Saira Huff. On the band's debut album, that's been released on Fashionable Idiots, the vocalist delivers a guttural and vehement blitz that forms the basis for their tearing hardcore punk.

Huff, whose long running involvement in punk has included Portland's Detestation and New York's Rosenkopf, is also an accomplished fashion designer, but it's her scorching vocals on tracks like "Self-Sacrifice" and "A New You" (backed with furious guitar riffs) that takes the music beyond simple crust punk to a seething fury.


Question started in Minneapolis in 2006, but are now spread across the country with members in New York City and Los Angeles. Following a demo tape and a couple of 7" records, and the addition of Jarvis Jun Earnshaw on bass, they have finally released their debut LP on the excellent Minneapolis based Fashionable Idiots.

While the band's style is heavily based on a traditional crust influence, Huff's coarse but inspiring delivery on tracks such as "Sadly" pile on a more emotional and intimate weight.

2017 is already looking and sounding more pissed.

Question's debut album is available now on Fashionable Idiots.

Image: Fernando Piedra (supplied by band)

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