Immerse Yourself in Oliver Wilde’s Woozy World of Pop with “You're So Kool-Aid”

Do you like general malaise but also lit synth hooks? Come hither.
December 12, 2016, 10:59am

Bristol's Oliver Wilde has been described in the past as "a Nick Drake for the 21st Century", probably because his music is quite lo-fi and sad. But these days, Wilde's woozy electronic pop songs have more in common with something you would've found on Polyvinyl's roster in the mid-00s. We're premiering his new offering "You're So Kool-Aid" from his forthcoming album Post-Frenz Container Buzz below. It's immersive and interesting with a bit of Kevin Drew about it. You'd do well to give it a spin in your bedroom late at night, or on the bus home from work, or any other situation where you can shut the world out and sit with it like it's its own presence.


According to Wilde, the track "documents having full-blown wobbles attempting to reinvent my so called 'sound'… it takes a few listens to work out why it exists in the first place, demanding you spend more time with it than you want to. It's just another ugly and obnoxious troubled pop tune from the decompression chamber of general malaise, with lit synth hooks."

Listen below.

Post-Frenz Container Buzz will be released on February 17 through Howling Owl Records. You can catch him on the following two dates in March:

March 23 - Servant Jazz Quarters, London
March 24 - Thekla, Bristol

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