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Trump's Oddly Specific White House Eating Habits Have Been Revealed

Trump's personal White House meals diverge from what everyone else at the table eats, from start to finish.
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From ordering well-done steak slathered in ketchup, to de-crusting pizza and eating it with a knife and fork, to indulging in fast food because it is "clean," Donald Trump is known for his Howard Hughes-level picky opinions when it comes to food.

A gourmet, he is not. But his food choices do say something about the man. And now, for better or worse, we have yet another window into the existential-crisis-inducing clusterfuck that is our president's eating habits.


Reporters from TIME recently got a glimpse behind-the-scenes at the White House, where they reported on what goes down after business hours. Of particular interest—at least to us—was a meal enjoyed by the reporters, Trump, and Vice President Pence.

Pence's meal wasn't that weird—he ate what everyone else did, but was served fruit instead of pie for dessert; the VP is evidently watching his waistline. But the President received a meal fully customized to his own idiosyncratic (and not-too-healthy) preferences.

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The takeaway? The ruler of the free world gets to eat like the dad in a 1950s sitcom, his cholesterol count be damned. And, if everyone else is eating one serving of something—well, President Trump gets two.

Here's the description that TIME offered of the Trump table:

"As [Trump] settles down, they bring him a Diet Coke, while the rest of us are served water, with the Vice President sitting at one end of the table. With the salad course, Trump is served what appears to be Thousand Island dressing instead of the creamy vinaigrette for his guests. When the chicken arrives, he is the only one given an extra dish of sauce. At the dessert course, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, instead of the single scoop for everyone else."

So now we know that Mar-a-Lago isn't the only place where Trump indulges his love of sweets. You'll recall, of course, that when describing how he told President Xi of China about the bombing of Syria, Trump got so caught up in the "beautiful" chocolate cake they were eating, he misspoke and claimed he had bombed Iraq.

Two scoops of ice cream in addition to chocolate cream pie, after Thousand Island dressing and extra sauce? Guess it's good to be president. But maybe he should switch his Coke-summoning button in the Oval Office to diet.